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Travel | All about my break to Amsterdam

For those of you who don’t know a couple weeks ago I spent a few days on a short cruise to Amsterdam for my dad’s birthday, we had an amazing time and while I was away I had a couple requests from you guys to write a post about it after I had uploaded some of my pictures so I thought I would. One thing I’m going to say is I unfortunately did not get as many pictures as I would have liked while I was away of things like the amazing foods that we ate and the delicious cocktails but I will still talk about it all and show you the pictures I did take.

Myself, my dad, his wife and my best friend drove down to Southampton on Friday to stay at my dad’s friends house overnight and board the ship Saturday morning. My brother and his girlfriend then joined us on the ship on saturday as they were at university so drove from there. It was about a 4-hour drive to Southampton for us which we were entertained by eye-spy and my friends dreadful singing (Now I’ll really tell if she reads these posts or…
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Guest Blog Post | 7 Places I Wish to Visit in 7 Continents

This is my first ever guest blog post, written by Ronald Sampson. Ronald is a very supportive person who has been there supporting me a lot on twitter so make sure that you show him some love and head on over to his blog to take a look at some of the content he writes about, you won't regret it! I'll pass you over to his post now to have a read through! Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of travelling every nook and corner of the world. While that remains close to impossible, I still have hope of at least visiting 75 countries before I leave planet Earth. As of now, that seems a distant dream, but a voice inside of me keeps yelling the words “if you believe, you will achieve.” And hey, you know what, I WILL ACHIEVE IT (fingers crossed)! There are many places on Earth that I wish to visit. In fact, every continent has its own speciality. And this thought got me thinking; why not write about the places I dream of visiting in every continent, and here it is, I am writing about it. So…

Lifestyle | Sunshine Blogger Awards

The sunshine blogger awards is an award where you get nominated by other bloggers and they ask you 11 questions to answer. You then have to come up with your own questions to ask the next load of bloggers and the trail keeps going. Emily accidentally only included 10 questions in her sunshine blog for me to answer and so that is why there is only 10!
When writing your post you have to mention who nominated you and tag their blog so that we are all helping and promoting each other. I was nominated by Emily Gabriella, if you want to go check out her blog it is here. It means a lot for me to be nominated for something like this because as most of you know I am a fairly new blogger and so because recognised for such an award is really overwhelming and wonderful! Let's get into this!
If you could create one slogan tee for the high street, what would it say? (no laughing!) If I could create a slogan tee I would put ‘fish Friday’ on it with a cartoon image of fish and chips. I would want it…

Lifestyle | Bucket Lists

To start things out I want to know why we feel the need to have one of these lists and why people track what they do? Bucket lists are a list of goals that people want to achieve in their lives, these could be finishing uni, skydiving, etc.

So why do some people need lists? I haven't got a list because I feel that it is better to just get on with life and do what you feel like doing at the moment without having to have 'set goals'. But in reality, I think that everyone has a bucket list, whether you have written it down or not it is still there in your mind and you do think about it a lot during the day. I have not created a set list, and I have not planned this post out word by word. I am just writing as I go and deciding at this moment on things that are on my 'bucket list' that I never knew I had.

The first thing on my 'bucket list' would be to get a job that I love. This is something that most people want to achieve but probably don't realise it is pa…

Hidden Gems | Saffron Walden

Firstly, I would like to thank Connie for allowing me to join her guest blog post series and I'm sure you will see a couple more of these kinds of posts as I travel around the world. In this post particularly I am going to be talking about Saffron Walden which is a hidden gem in itself. Saffron Walden is a small town in Essex which is well known for the country life and its amazing buildings, markets, restaurants and more.
I am going to be starting with my favourite places to eat in Saffron Walden. I have 3 favorite places to eat here, one being a small restaurant called the Curious goat. This is a small restaurant just off of the road where all of the shops are down in Saffron Walden. I enjoy eating here due to the atmosphere and because their food is all home cooked and always tastes delicious! They are also really good with one of my family members that is gluten-free and it can be quite difficult for her to find food but the Curious Goat is always very accommodating and doesn&…